Nov 19, 2015 • News

NEAVS is overjoyed to report that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has decided to send ALL NIH OWNED CHIMPANZEES TO SANCTUARY! This is an important and heart warming reversal of NIH's previous decision to retire its chimpanzees but to keep "50 in reserve" for possible future need.
NIH added that its funding for privately owned chimpanzees will end! NIH Director, Dr. Francis Collins, explained:

"I think this is the natural next step of what has been a very thoughtful five-year process of trying to come to terms with the benefits and risks of trying to perform research with these very special animals,” Collins said in an interview with Nature. “We reached a point where in that five years the need for research has essentially shrunk to zero."


  1. PLEASE THANK DR. COLLINS for his wise, caring and progressive decision at
  2. Please continue to work with us to make certain all privately owned chimpanzees are given safe sanctuary homes -- starting with the Yerkes National Primate Research Center. We need to make certain Yerkes does not ship eight of their chimpanzees to an unaccredited overseas zoo. Contact Emory University's president Dr. James Wagner at and ask that its Yerkes National Primate Center step up to the plate of good science and good ethics by: 
  • Withdrawing its permit application to the US Fish and Wildlife Service to export eight of its chimpanzees to an unaccredited overseas zoo, AND
  • Providing the funding needed to care for Lucas, Fritz, Agatha, Abby, Tara, Faye, Elvira and Georgia and all other Yerkes chimpanzees in US accredited sanctuaries.

And, THANK YOU, for your support of NEAVS’ on going work for chimpanzees.
For the animals,

Theodora Capaldo, EdD