ESEC’s Alternatives Loan Library

“NSTA encourages teachers to be sensitive to students’ views
regarding dissection and ... their right to make
an informed decision about their participation.”

-The National Science Teachers Association (NSTA)

Available Alternatives
Cat Clam Cow
Crayfish Dog Earthworm
Fetal Pig Fly Frog
Grasshopper Horse Invertebrates


Rat Shark Sheep
Squid Starfish  

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The NEAVS/ESEC Alternatives Loan Library supports access to a humane education for students at all grade levels – from elementary to veterinary school – to learn about anatomy, physiology, and other sciences. ESEC’s free Alternatives Loan Library offers advanced software, manuals, charts, humane curriculums, and intubation models. ESEC works to ensure all students can enter the field of science and be a part of the breakthroughs of today and tomorrow regardless of their ethicals.

To borrow from the ESEC Alternatives Loan Library, please fill out the Loan Library Agreement Form and email it to It can also me mailed to 333 Washington St., Ste. 850, Boston, MA 02108. A credit card is required for security. There is no charge if you return the borrowed item on or before the due date and in its original condition.

Learn more about environmental and ethical arguments against dissection and how alternatives are superior through our dissection Frequently Asked Questions.