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BioLab Cat (CD-ROM)

"This exciting learning software gives students the ability to perform informative, in-depth dissections and introduces the concepts of physiology alongside anatomy. Students exapand their knowledge with interactive manipulation, eye-opening illustrations and enlightening discussions about how form relates to function. Student scientists get hands-on practice with: Skeletal System, Shoulder Muscles, Trunk Muscles, Pectoral Muscles, Pelvic Muscles, Digestive System, Cardiorespiratory System, Urogenital System." Find out more.

CatWorks (CD-ROM)

"Designed for more advanced students, the CatWorks CD-ROM offers the user an opportunity to perform exciting, highly accurate, electronic dissections of the common house cat. Through the use of special cursors and buttons, the user is actually able to "dissect" nearly all areas of the cat's anatomy. QuickTime movies show selected portions of actual dissections along with voice descriptions of the procedures being performed...Includes real-life schematics, glossary with pronunciations, on-line quizzes, lab practicals, in-depth histology." Find out more.

CyberScience 3D Cat (CD-ROM)

Explore, label, disassemble, and reassemble the systems of a cat, cow, mosquito, and starfish. Find out more.

The Concise Cat (Chart)  

Includes labeled photos of the following preparations: Female – Superficial Dissection, Thoracic Cavity, Male Urogenital, Female Urogenital, Upper Abdominal Cavity. 8.5 x 11 inches, printed both sides on card stock, protected by plastic sleeve. Includes step-by-step explanation of pictured preparations. Find out more.

 Mammalian Anatomy: The Cat (Manual)   

“This full-color dissection guide is intended for students taking Mammalian Anatomy, Comparative Anatomy, General Biology, or Anatomy & Physiology courses and contains 175 photographs plus many full-color illustrations.” Find out more.

Cat Dissection (Boreal Series, VHS)

“Our professionals at Boreal Laboratories will guide you step-by-step through the external anatomy, internal anatomy, and major organ systems of the cat. Superb graphics and pointers make it easy for students to identify structures and anatomical systems, especially those that may be difficult to pinpoint in an actual dissection. Full-color close-up photography and a narrative tailored to most basic lab manuals enhance the video.” Running time: 40 minutes.

Selected Anatomical Atlases (Manual)

Titles with illustrations include: Outline Of Cat Anatomy With Reference To The Human, Pictorial Anatomy Of The Cat, and Dissection Of The Cat. Titles with photographs include: An Atlas Of Cat Anatomy, A Photographic Atlas Of Cat Anatomy, and Photo Manual & Dissection Guide Of The Cat.

These manuals are organized by bodily systems and feature descriptive text.