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Caniken Professional 1 (Model)

Model includes skeletal armature (13'' tall, 23'' long, 11 parts), tool kit, reusable clay, and learning activities.

"Use the CANIKEN® Classic Dog Skeleton Model to teach canine anatomy. Skeletal subsystems can be used separately or together:

  • Axial, (head, neck, thorax, lumbar, sacrum, and tail)
  • Branchial (jaw, thyrohyoid and trachea)
  • Pectoral and pelvic appendages

Use this model to build ligaments, muscles, nerves, blood vessels, and other body systems." Find out more.

Female K-9 Urinary Catheter Training Mannikin by Rescue Critters (Model)

"Replicates the female dog external and internal urogenital structures relevant to urinary catheterization. Fluid reservoir representing the bladder, and a one-way valve representing the urethral sphincter allow positive feedback during the training exercises. Allows the necessary repetition and the absence of negative consequences so critical to a successful learning experience. Includes carrying case, lubricating jelly, and catheters."

K-9 Intubation Trainer by Rescue Critters (Model)

"Elegantly simple – this mannikin is built for performing endotracheal placement and comes with a pass/fail feature. Representations of the trachea, esophagus and epiglottis are all realistically crafted into this dog bust. It also features an airway with working lungs. Because the head is attached to a table clamp with a pivot base, it can be easily manipulated." Find out more.