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Digital Frog 2.5 (CD-ROM)

"The Digital Frog 2.5 engages students with an interactive, virtual dissection, allowing the student to learn each of the cuts necessary by "cutting" with a digital scalpel before watching the full screen video. Animations and interactions allow students to see how the frog's body works—from blood pumping through the heart, to joints that can be built up and moved by the user. The Digital Frog 2.5 is so much more effective than a wet lab because the interactive dissection is seamlessly linked to a comprehensive anatomy and physiology section, with human anatomy comparisons. A fascinating ecology section reminds students that biology is the study of living organisms." Find out more.

V-Frog (Tactus Technologies) (CD-ROM)

"Using a simple mouse and basic personal computer, a student can pick up a scalpel, cut and open the skin of the frog, and explore the anatomy and physiology, just like he or she would with a physical frog...Features of the V-FrogTM include: 3D Navigation, Organ and Tissue Query, Comparative Anatomy, Activations (watch the beating heart, digestion, and many more), Dissection (cut, peel, and remove organs), Probing, Endoscoping." Find out more.

DissectionWorks (CD-ROM)

"Developed by teachers for teachers, these programs combine the detailed study of dissection with computer technology to bring you an effective means of sharing the intricacies of anatomy. Available in five commonly studied animals (Frog, Fetal Pig, Earthworm, Crayfish, and Perch), each program contains detailed schematics of the major body systems, information on organ function and structure, and review questions." Find out more.

The Concise Frog (Chart)

Preparations pictured include: Male - Deep Dissection, Male - Superficial Dissection, Female - Superficial Dissection, Mouth, Brain, Urogenital System - Male, Urogenital System - Female. 8.5 x 11 inch chart. Printed on both sides. Protected in plastic sleeve. Includes step-by-step explanation of depicted preparations. Find out more.

Frog Dissection (Manual)

"This manual provides the background information needed to understand vertebrate anatomy." Anatomical structures appear in sequence: external anatomy, skeletal, muscular, digestive, respiratory, circulatory, urogenital, and nervous systems. B&W illustrations accompanied by concise explanatory text.

Bullfrog Junior (Model)

"Molded of non-breakable vinyl plastic, Bullfrog Junior lifts off its hardwood stand for hands-on pass-around study. Hand-numbered features - more than 100 in all - are identified in the accompanying key which also includes a fully-labeled illustration of the reproductive system of a male frog.
Overall dimensions: 17x1x4 inches (43x30x10cm)"
Find out more.

Great American Bullfrog by Nystrom (Model)

Oversized model featuring labeled depictions of digestive, circulatory, respiratory, urogenital, and nervous structures on both the dorsal and ventral sides. Ideal for secondary school lessons.

The Frog: Inside-Out (Instructivision, 2 VHS)

"This 2-part video presentation for students can be used as an alternative to frog dissection or as a foundation for learning dissection procedures. Ideal for middle and high school science classes. This video includes a thorough discussion of all the major organs of the frog." Running times - Part 1: 29 minutes; Part 2: 38 minutes. Find out more.

Frog Dissection (Boreal Series, VHS)

"Our professionals at Boreal Laboratories will guide you step-by-step through the external anatomy, internal anatomy, and major organ systems of the frog. Superb graphics and pointers make it easy for students to identify structures and anatomical systems, especially those that may be difficult to pinpoint in an actual dissection. Full-color close-up photography and a narrative tailored to most basic lab manuals enhance the video. Printed script and a glossary are included." Running time 25:50.