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Miscellaneous or Multiple Species

BioLab Invertebrate (CD-ROM)

"This exciting learning software gives students the ability to perform informative dissections on four different organisms and survey invertebrates as different as the simple purple sponge and the well developed octopus. Students expand their knowledge with interactive experimentation, eye-opening illustrations and instructional discussions of comparative anatomy." Students get experience with squid dissection, earthworm dissection, crayfish dissection, sea star dissection, comparing invertebrates, and surveying invertebrates. Find out more.

DissectionWorks (CD-ROM)

"Developed by teachers for teachers, these programs combine the detailed study of dissection with computer technology to bring you an effective means of sharing the intricacies of anatomy. Available in five commonly studied animals (Frog, Fetal Pig, Earthworm, Crayfish, and Perch), each program contains detailed schematics of the major body systems, information on organ function and structure, and review questions." Find out more.

CyberScience3D Zoology (CD-ROM)

Explore, label, disassemble, and reassemble the systems of a cat, cow, mosquito, and starfish. Find out more.

UC Davis School Of Veterinary Medicine Comparative Anatomy: Fish, Birds, and Mammals (CD-ROM)

Functions as a slideshow-type presentation of anatomical systems, organs, and structures in mammals, fish, and birds.

Cyber Ed Life Science Course: The Animal Kingdom (CD-ROM)

Provides an interactive review of the taxonomic classification of organisms and their identifying structures, including examination questions, a glossary of terms, transcripts of narrated scripts, and teaching materials.

Cyber Ed Interactive Biology Course: Animal Kingdom Series (CD-ROM)

Series of six interactive CD-ROMs including Arthropods, Cnidarians, Annelids, Sponges, Mollusks, and Birds: Characteristics and Adaptations. Each feature lesson presentations, exercises, and examination questions reviewing the anatomy and ecology of organisms.