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DissectionWorks (CD-ROM)

"Developed by teachers for teachers, these programs combine the detailed study of dissection with computer technology to bring you an effective means of sharing the intricacies of anatomy. Available in five commonly studied animals (Frog, Fetal Pig, Earthworm, Crayfish, and Perch), each program contains detailed schematics of the major body systems, information on organ function and structure, and review questions." Find out more.

The Concise Perch (Chart)     

Preparations pictured include: Urogenital System, Female, Male, Ctenoid Scale, Brain. 8.5 x 11 inch chart. Printed on both sides. Protected by plastic sleeve. Includes step-by-step explanation of depicted preparations. Find out more.

 Perch Dissection (Boreal Series, VHS)

"Our professionals at Boreal Laboratories will guide you step-by-step through the external anatomy, internal anatomy, and major organ systems of the perch. Superb graphics and pointers make it easy for students to identify structures and anatomical systems, especially those that may be difficult to pinpoint in an actual dissection. Full-color close-up photography and a narrative tailored to most basic lab manuals enhance the video. A printed script with real-time references and a glossary are included." Running time 19:30.