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DryLab Plus Rat (CD-ROM)

"Male, female, and pregnant female specimens are studied in this comprehensive look at the internal and external anatomy of the rat, including a close look at the adult and fetal skeletal systems. A simple interface incorporates over 130 pictures and diagrams, and approximately 500 questions. Video enhances the step-by-step dissection (over 35 steps) and provides an examination of the appendix, stomach, lungs, and heart! Complete interactive dissection and testing." Find out more.

DryLab 3D Rat (CD-ROM)

Explore the anatomy of a rat in 3D! Find out more.

Sniffy: The Virtual Rat Pro Version 2.0 (CD-ROM & workbook)

"Students and instructors love Sniffy - the world's most effective digital rat - for his ability to make the phenomena of classical and operant conditioning come to life. This interactive software offers fun, hands-on experience in setting up and conducting sophisticated experiments that come as close as possible to a real laboratory - without the drawbacks associated with using a real rat!" Find out more.

The Concise Rat (Chart)

Preparations pictured include: Male, Female. 8.5 x 11 inch chart. Printed both sides. Protected in plastic sleeve. Includes step-by-step explanation of depicted preparations. Find out more.

Rat Model by Ward (Model)

Cast from an actual specimen, this durable life-size model features over 50 detailed structures including a fetus in a partially dissected uterus and a sectioned kidney. "All the important structures are shown in the typical ventral dissection, including the heart, lungs, liver, stomach, and intestines, which can all be removed for closer examination. The life-size, four-piece model is mounted on a base and comes with a key identifying 25 structures. Size: 12″L x 6″W x 4″H." Find out more.