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The Concise Sheep Brain/Pig Heart (Chart)

Preparations pictured include: Brain - Cross Section Through Pituitary Gland, Heart - Anterior View, Brain - Superior (Dorsal) Surface, Brain - Inferior (Ventral) Surface, Sagittal Section, Cranial Nerves. 8.5 x 11 inch chart. Printed on both sides. Protected in plastic sleeve. Includes step-by-step explanation of depicted preparations. Find out more.

 The Sheep Brain: A Basic Guide (Manual)     

"This little book is intended as an elementary introduction to the structure and function of the nervous system. The authors have perpared various labeled views of the sheep brain. Explanatory text accompanies each photograph." B&W.

 The Sheep Brain: A Photographic Series (Manual)     

"We have prepared a series of photographs of the sheep brain for use in student laboratories in neuroscience fields. In addition, appendices contain photographs of rat, cat, and monkey brains; photomicrographs of selected parts of the nervous system and of sense organs; and a series of schematic diagrams illustrating important brain circuits."

Explanatory text accompanies labeled B&W photos.

 Dissection And Anatomy Of The Brain (VHS)

Shows a dissection of a sheep's brain accompanied by explanation of how the major structures function. Running time 22:16.