Winter 2009 UPDATE

Winter 2009 UPDATE

Papers Key in GAPA’s Growing Support

On the heels of publishing their fifth paper, NEAVS/Project R&R’s international science team is seeing their work referred to by not only congressional leaders but also by other national organizations and public personalities now campaigning on behalf of the Great Ape Protection Act (GAPA, H.R. 1326).

The papers—covering trauma, depression, HIV/AIDS, cancer, and effi cacy—demonstrate the inhumanity, scientific flaws, and dangers of chimpanzee research. Published in peer-reviewed journals and available online, the papers’ arguments against chimpanzee use add to the credibility and necessity of legislation to end this use.

Says NEAVS President Theodora Capaldo, Ed.D., “These papers are a cornerstone to our efforts. … They are showing that chimpanzee research is not only wrong, it is also unnecessary. As we fight science with science we bring the debate to a whole new level of sophistication—while our opponents continue to iterate the same defeatable, tired, and unsubstantiated claims and rhetoric.” She adds, “Many in the scientific community are also questioning the use of chimpanzees because of poor results, enormous costs, ethical concerns, and growing public disapproval. The evidence is piling up in favor of chimpanzees who have suffered in laboratories. And, GAPA serves the millions of humans who have not benefi ted from chimpanzee research.”

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