Our Year

Driven by NEAVS’ mission to end the use of animals in cruel and unnecessary research, testing, and science education, we continued to strive for tangible, and significant progress through outreach, research, education, collaboration, and legislative policy changes.

For over 25 years, Dr. Theodora Capaldo, a trailblazer within the animal movement, led NEAVS’ push for change. Under her tenure, numerous milestones were achieved for animals in labs, including NEAVS' successful campaign, Project R&R, which helped lead to the historic end of chimpanzee research in U.S. biomedical research. In the fall of 2017, Dr. Capaldo stepped down as President and CEO; however, as she so aptly stated, “While I will never say goodbye to my commitment to animals, it is time to say goodbye to my leadership at NEAVS.”

During our transition to new governance, NEAVS welcomed Nathan Herschler as Executive Director, and Gina Weishaupt as President of the Board. Both have brought their passion, expertise, and commitment to serving the animals we work so hard for every day. More importantly, they are determined to build on NEAVS’ legacy of creating positive change for animals in labs—striving toward the day when millions of innocent lives will no longer be sacrificed in the name of inhumane and outdated science.

Connecting Through Collaboration

2017 offered the NEAVS’ staff, board of directors, donors, and supporters, exciting opportunities to personally connect with other animal advocates—individuals who inspire action!

NEAVS hosted a reception and presentation by Jill Robinson, Founder & CEO, Animals Asia; and a book signing featuring Jo-Anne McArthur, renowned Photojournalist/Author/Educator, We Animals. We were proud to present live webinars prior to each event—highlighting their tireless efforts to promote compassion for all sentient beings.

In addition, we participated in community outreach via tabling events—such as New England VegFest and the NH SPCA Paws Walk—which enabled NEAVS’ staff members to answer questions, provide educational materials, and offer the public ways to become directly involved with our mission.

We enjoyed increasing our social network of animal advocates to help spread the word to family and friends about such important issues as promoting passage of the U.S. Humane Cosmetics Act (HCA); educating students and teachers about school dissection choice; advancing science through NEAVS' current fellowship grant recipient, Dr. Sushila Maharjan, working on organs-on-chips and 3-D tissue models as alternatives to using animal models in biomedical research; providing sanctuary support for animals rescued from labs; and growing NEAVS' volunteer opportunities!

We believe that by building strong relationships, and collaborating together, we’re working toward successfully achieving NEAVS' mission. 

[Photos in the Annual Report are courtesy: Jo-Anne McArthur, We Animals]


As advocates for social justice, our job is twofold: to walk together toward injustice when others turn a blind eye. And, when the odds seem stacked against us…we do not give up. Compassion for the innocent is what drives people like you and me to make a difference for animals.
– Nathan Herschler, Executive Director



During the summer of 2017, NEAVS joined in commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Institute for In Vitro Sciences (IIVS), a leader in non-animal testing alternatives. During the commemoration, NEAVS was presented with a certificate of appreciation for funding we provided to support IIVS in its mission to replace animal testing.

We are proud to be part of the formation of IIVS, and look forward to continuing to partner with like-minded organizations, and individuals, in supporting the research, development, and implementation of non-animal alternatives. 

And, at NEAVS, we know our work for animals in labs couldn’t be successful without our loyal supporters—who speak loudly for those who cannot speak for themselves. We want to share just a few examples of inspirational words, which help us to focus on NEAVS' important mission for the animals…

"Amazing organization, ... I love how you combine science and ethics. Very inspiring!" –Eileen S.
"Thank you for the extremely important and compassionate work you do [for the animals]." –Joy R.
"A wonderful organization dedicated to ending the use of animals in testing...time to end this barbaric practice!" –Anne H.
"Thank you [NEAVS] for the Leaping Bunny program. It guides my purchases... [helping me] to find out if a company does animal testing!" –Patricia A.