Leaping Bunny: Cruelty-Free Products

Leaping Bunny: Cruelty-Free Products
Leaping Bunny Program

The Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC) and its Leaping Bunny Program, of which NEAVS is a founding member, is your best source for assurance the companies you choose to purchase from, as well as their laboratories and suppliers, use no new animal testing in any phase of product development. The Leaping Bunny Program empowers consumers and helps convince companies to move toward more effective in vitro testing methods that can truly protect humans with safer products while ending needless animal suffering.

Visit to download your own Cruelty-Free Shopping Guide and to download their free app for your smartphone. If you would like pocket-sized guides for distribution, please contact us for copies. 

Finding Leaping Bunny-Certified Products Is Easy

Not only can you find Leaping Bunny-certified products at many local stores and individual websites, there are now several websites specializing in selling Leaping Bunny-certified products. For example, you can purchase products online at Cruelty Free Consumer, which only sells Leaping Bunny-certified products and will dedicate a portion of sales to NEAVS.