Ethical Science Education Coalition (ESEC)

Ethical Science Education Coalition (ESEC)

NEAVS’ educational affiliate, the Ethical Science Education Campaign (ESEC), works to end the harmful use of animals at all levels of science education. ESEC aims to end terminal labs, live animal demonstrations, and training courses, and promotes alternatives to specimen dissection. ESEC provides expert resources and other services in support of humane alternatives to animal use.

ESEC believes all students should have the right to choose alternatives over traditional animal use throughout their education. Dissection alternatives, for example, are readily available – many students are allowed to chose them instead of being forced to dissect, fail, or withdraw from class. Additionally, 18 states and D.C. (click here to view map) have laws or policies guaranteeing that choice without penalty. ESEC supports legislation and policies that protect the right to a science education respectful of and consistent with a student's beliefs.

Free Resources

  • Learn general guidelines and strategies for students who want an alternative to specimen dissection here and download our dissection poster here.
  • Learn more about environmental and ethical arguments against dissection and how alternatives are superior through our dissection Frequently Asked Questions.