Mandatory Alternatives Petition (MAP)

Mandatory Alternatives Petition (MAP)

NEAVS is a founding member of the Mandatory Alternatives Petition (MAP) coalition, which works to encourage the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to develop better policy guidelines regarding the use of non-animal, in vitro testing methods to meet FDA requirements for drug or device approval. As it now stands, industry need only "consider" alternatives. This lack of mandate perpetuates the dependence on cruel and ineffective status quo animal testing. Through the goals of MAP – encouraging and mandating that validated alternatives must be used in lieu of animals – NEAVS seeks to spare the lives of millions of animals each year and to set a platform upon which new alternatives will be developed, validated, and used.

The FDA has stated that it intends to issue guidance on the use of non-animal testing methods. NEAVS is continually in touch with the agency providing evidence of the superiority of non-animal testing methods and calling for the mandatory use of these test methods.

How You Can Help

Please click here to add your name to a letter urging the FDA to encourage and mandate the use of non-animal testing methods. Send it to friends and family too!