Sanctuary Support

Sanctuary Support

Through our Sanctuary Fund, NEAVS supports animals rescued from laboratories. These rescues are rare opportunities to change the lives of former research victims in an immediate and gratifying way, as we work toward the day when all animals will be free from vivisection.

NEAVS awards a range of grants (including some for lifetime care) yearly to sanctuaries with dogs, bears, monkeys, orangutans, chimpanzees, and other animals. Previous recipients of this grant include: Animals Asia; Center for Great Apes; Chimp Haven; Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest; Fauna Foundation; International Primate Protection League; Jungle Friends; Mindy's Memory; Primate Rescue Center; Save the Chimps..

NEAVS made lifetime care commitments to two chimpanzees, Pepper at Fauna Foundation and Dana at Save the Chimps, both of whom sadly passed away in 2012. We currently support lifetime care for Dante, a horse at Lockwood Animal Rescue Center rescued from a PMU (pregnant mare urine) farm where mares are kept continuously pregnant for their urine used in hormone replacement therapy drugs. In addition to helping raise funds for other sanctuary lifetime care endowments for animals from labs, such as a group of capuchin monkeys at Jungle Friends and orangutans Popi, Allie, and Mari at the Center for Great Apes, NEAVS provided major funding to Animals Asia for the building of dens and care of moon bears rescued from bear bile farms throughout Asia – including a lifetime care commitment to the moon bear, Shima.

NEAVS is proud to work together with national and international organizations to promote standardization of humane alternatives, to monitor violations of laws, to end the trade in primates and other species, and other joint efforts to save and protect animals. 

If you are interested in donating to NEAVS' Sanctuary Fund, please click here