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3 Ways You Can Support Dissection Alternatives

3 Ways You Can Support Dissection Alternatives

It's April which means it's National Frog Month! When you think of frogs, what comes to mind? For some of us, we envision Spring peepers perched alongside a pond. For others, we associate frogs with formaldehyde, scalpels, and science class. 

Did you know many schools across the country offer alternatives to traditional animal dissections? The Ethical Science Education Campaign (ESEC), a program of NEAVS, offers a variety of services to protect a student's right to choose humane alternatives. As a student, Mary P. said: "I passed geography without leaving my home state and geology without seeing planets collide. It’s insulting to argue that students can’t understand anatomy unless they stick scissors into a frog’s brain."

No one should have to be required to hurt animals and the environment in the name of science education. Whether you are a student, parent, or teacher, we hope this blog post inspires you to take a leap and support dissection alternatives.

3 ways you can help:

1) Make a donation that will support frogs AND students

2) Find out if your state has dissection choice laws or policies

3) Download/print our "Science Education Without Cruelty" poster

As always, thank you for your support during National Frog Month AND all months of the year. Animals of all types need your protection and help!