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Ask Connecticut Senators to Pass Dissection Choice Bill

Posted: May 14, 2013 By: Nate
Ask Connecticut Senators to Pass Dissection Choice Bill

Update: This petition is now closed. 

This bill was signed by Gov. Dannel Malloy! 

HB 6329: "An Act Concerning Dissection Choice" passed a House vote and is now on the Senate calendar! Thank you Connecticut supporters for contacting your legislators to give students the right to learn through superior dissection alternatives. Please take the time to now contact your state senator and ask them to support the bill.

Once the bill passes the Senate and is signed into law, compassionate students in all New England states (except New Hampshire) will be protected. Right now, Fifteen states and Washington D.C. have already passed dissection choice laws or policies. Here is how you can help: 

  1. Let your senator know you support a student’s right to a cruelty-free education. It’s easy, please use this form.
  2. Please be sure to thank your representative for helping to pass dissection choice in Connecticut and ask them to let their Senate colleagues know this is important to them and their constituents!

For more background, visit our our Objecting to Dissection and Dissection Alternatives webpages.