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Ask Pfizer to end production of horse urine-based drugs

Posted: March 17, 2014 By: Nate
Ask Pfizer to end production of horse urine-based drugs

Update: This petition is now closed. 

Many women are shocked to learn their hormone replacement therapy (HRT) medication is made from pregnant horse urine. This is the case for many popular HRT drugs from the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer such as Premarin, Duavee, Prempro, and Premphase – but their labeling isn’t telling you! The urine from pregnant mares, due to its high estrogen concentration, is a key ingredient. Learn more here ...

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These prescriptions are labelled on the bottle simply as “conjugated estrogens,” without identifying the source. Sadly, to collect their estrogen-rich urine, mares are turned into breeding machines for most of their lives. They are confined in tiny stalls without free access to water, and attached to urine collection bags that cause painful chafing. Their newborn foals are typically sent to slaughter or wait their turn to replace their “spent” mothers.

Drugs made from the urine of pregnant horses generate more than $1 billion in sales for Pfizer every year. Please ask Pfizer to:

  1. Label the ingredients on the bottle of their equine-based HRT drugs as coming from pregnant mare urine
  2. End the needless production of PMU drugs and replace them with plant-based or synthetic HRTs

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It’s unacceptable for women to not know what they are putting in their bodies, especially because plant-based and synthetic HRTs – with comparable benefits and risks to equine-based drugs – are readily available. It is equally unacceptable that Pfizer continues to market a completely unnecessary product that causes so much suffering and is a waste of animal lives.