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Ask Your U.S. Representative to End Cosmetics Testing on Animals

Ask Your U.S. Representative to End Cosmetics Testing on Animals

On June 6th, 2017 the Humane Cosmetics Act (H.R. 2790) was reintroduced by Representative Martha McSally (R-AZ) and 19 bipartisan co-sponsors.

As a founding member of the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC), and its Leaping Bunny program, NEAVS is dedicated to ending the needless suffering and death of millions of animals used in cosmetics testing. 

Although the HCA was considered in the last two Congressional sessions with bi-partisan support led by Rep. McSally, it languished in committee during both sessions. 

We need you to take action now by asking your U.S. Representative to co-sponsor the HCA. Once passed into law, it will ban cosmetics testing on animals in the U.S. within 1 year, and end the sale of animal-tested cosmetics in the U.S. within 3 years.

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The U.S. must finally join the 28 countries of the E.U., as well as Israel, India, and Norway, which have already ended cosmetics testing on animals, replacing them with existing, non-animal alternatives that are humane, scientifically superior, and more predictive of human health and well-being.

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