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Be Kind and Learn Better: Ask Teachers for Alternatives

Be Kind and Learn Better: Ask Teachers for Alternatives

As spring approaches, many students studying the life sciences will be given lessons in anatomy and physiology through classroom dissection of frogs and other animal specimens. If you or someone you know prefers not to dissect once-living animals, be assured there are alternatives. Advanced computer programs simulate dissection, and studies show students who use these learn as well as or better than students using specimens.

Parents and students, ask teachers about using a non-animal alternative to traditional dissection today. It’s helpful to begin the discussion early, to allow time for planning. If you live in the 16 states plus Washington, D.C. that already have laws or policies granting students the right to choose dissection alternatives, you are guaranteed a choice. But sensitive and educationally progressive teachers are allowing dissection choice even in states where that student right is not protected by law.

NEAVS can help in many ways including our free library that loans out alternatives at your request. Also, visit our website to learn how to advocate for dissection choice at your school, and to request dissection brochures and posters.

Your values and kindness can be respected. Choose alternatives … available at all levels of science education from high school classrooms to medical and veterinary education labs!