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Bring Hope to Friends Who Hop

Bring Hope to Friends Who Hop

February is Rescued Rabbit Month!

Join NEAVS in celebrating these wonderful animals! Not only are they adorable in appearance, but they are well-known for their gentle dispositions. 

Sadly, they are also commonly used in research and testing. As an example, despite the availability of alternatives, rabbits still suffer in the infamous Draize test.

This method involves chemicals being dropped in their eyes while they are still conscious which causes painful swelling and discharge. 

Use your voice on behalf of these animals! There are simple ways you can bring hope to our friends who hop: 

1) Go cruelty-free with the Leaping Bunny Program! Check out the 1,000+ companies who do not test on animals during any phase of their product 's development.   

2) Educate yourself about alternatives to animal testing. Not only will you be informing yourself, but you will be equipped to educate others. 

3) Give a gift! Your gift to NEAVS will help end the use of animals, including rabbits, in research.

As always, thank you so much for your support!