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Celebrate 2013’s World Week for Animals in Laboratories

Posted: April 23, 2013 By: Nate
Celebrate 2013’s World Week for Animals in Laboratories

April 20-28 is World Week for Animals in Laboratories, a time to reflect on and share with others the reasons why animal research and testing must end. In honor of WWAIL, please help make a difference for animals in labs.

What you can do: 

1. Be a Voice for Animals by Educating Others: The first step for change is helping people become aware a problem exists. Because of the outreach work of NEAVS, every day growing numbers are realizing there are better AND humane alternatives to using animals in labs. Send your name and address to and we will send you info packs to help you educate others. Table at the library, community events, school, work, etc. with brochures, petitions, factsheets, flyers, and more!

2. Promote NEAVS Online: Do you have a website or blog? Do you work for a company with a popular site? Do you follow like-minded blogs? If you said yes to any of these, please consider requesting placement of NEAVS and Project R&R ads and banners. And if you haven’t yet, please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

3. Donate Now: From your $30 yearly donation to a $5 monthly pledge and beyond, every dollar from supporters like you amounts to thousands a year to put to work for animals in labs. How much you give is up to you, but your donation and those of your friends and family help us raise the funds needed to do our work and keep our promise to animals in all labs.

Thank you!