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eAlert Louisiana: Urgent action needed for chimpanzees!

Dear Supporter, 

Louisiana2As a resident of Louisiana, it is urgent you contact your legislators today (phone numbers below or email), and ask them to immediately intervene and ask NIH to reverse its decision to move 100 federally owned chimpanzees from New Iberia Research Center at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette to Texas Biomedical Research Institute in San Antonio. Please tell your legislators you are opposed to the NIH plan because:

  1. Chimpanzees who are no longer eligible for research deserve sanctuary, not transfer to another lab.
  2. Keithville, Louisiana is home to Chimp Haven, the federal sanctuary where chimpanzees no longer needed for research must be retired as required by the CHIMP Act.
  3. Moving the chimpanzees out-of-state will cost Louisiana jobs.
  4. Transferring chimpanzees to sanctuary is the right thing to do.

The unemployment rate in Louisiana has grown by approximately 0.5% over the past six months and is now 7.4%. Now is not the time to eliminate more jobs. Sending chimpanzees out of Louisiana is sending jobs out of Louisiana.

Chimp Haven offers chimpanzees from research spacious enclosures, excellent care, and the respect and dignity they deserve after the hardship they endured. Chimp Haven offers citizens of Louisiana meaningful jobs.

Please politely and respectfully ask your legislators to use their authority to ensure federal decisions do not negatively affect your state, and chimpanzees from research labs live the rest of their lives in sanctuary. Thank you for your help, Louisiana!



Theodora Capaldo, EdD
President and Executive Director

Louisiana Legislators:

Sen. Mary Landrieu - 202-224-5824
Sen. David Vitter - 202-224-4623
Rep. Steve Scalise (District 1) - 202-225-3015
Rep. Cedric Richmond (District 2) - 202-225-6636
Rep. Jeff Landry (District 3) - 202-225-4031
Rep. John Fleming (District 4) - 202-225-2777
Rep. Rodney Alexander (District 5) - 202-225-8490
Rep. Bill Cassidy (District 6) - 202-225-3901
Rep. Charles Boustany (District 7) - 202- 225-2031