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Fall 2014 newsletter

Fall 2014 newsletter

President's Message:

Nowadays everything seems fleeting. Your cell phone, favorite restaurant, are one day passé. While communicating through Facebook or instant messages lacks true touch! And so perhaps more than ever some of us are hungry for that which endures – beyond fad, fashion, or technological advance. Nowhere does this matter more than in relationships.

I cannot tell you what pride it brings to know that in addition to new supporters every day, NEAVS has a fortress of members with us for DECADES. Some longer than I’ve been alive. It pleases me immensely to know NEAVS consistently captures the hearts and minds of so many good people. People looking for a way to help animals in pain, whose lives we want to save. Over the years their loyalty to NEAVS continues because of the work NEAVS accomplishes and the integrity and heart with which we do so.

Our loyal members know – and our new members discover – NEAVS never takes shortcuts, never compromises on the well-being of animals. They know we bring to every decision thoughtful information and the infusion of passion that only a passionate heart can make.

Given all that has made me – family, heritage, education, friendships – I am someone who values what is genuine. Someone who makes certain you understand not only the good news, but as importantly the hurdles we have to mount to truly declare a victory.

Because you are loyal to NEAVS – to the animals – we will never be anything less than loyal to you. I hope you understand how much we try to tell “the whole story.” How little we paint pictures with falsely bright colors, and the degree to which we go so you understand the problem and the solutions we bring.

Every supporter counts. But just this once I am making a call out to those of you with us for decades to say: Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being faithfully with us on this too often difficult path of making the world a better place for animals. And, I say to those new to NEAVS, you too will come to see why you and so many others have made her their organization of choice to work for animals in labs!

For the animals,

Theodora Capaldo, EdD

To read the full newsletter, you can download Fall 2014 UPDATE here.