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Fall 2017 newsletter

Fall 2017 newsletter

Dear friend,

I am so excited to be writing the first of many Executive Director’s messages to you. First, I want to take a moment to say how grateful I am for you, our supporters, and all you do for our organization and the animals. As I sit here on the train home after another day collaborating with NEAVS’ dedicated team of animal advocates, I cannot help but look to the future with tremendous hope and anticipation.

Before getting carried away with visions of our exciting future together, let us take a moment to reflect upon and honor NEAVS’ past. Prior to my joining the organization, NEAVS was led for 30 years by Dr. Theodora Capaldo, an historic leader in the animal movement. Under her tenure, many milestones for animals in laboratories were achieved, including the end of chimpanzee research in U.S. biomedical labs. I am incredibly honored to have the opportunity to build on her legacy.

This past summer, as I was reflecting on the future of NEAVS, I heard excerpts of a speech by Sister Simone Campbell (Executive Director of NETWORK and founder of “Nuns on the Bus”). She spoke of walking toward “trouble” as an “act of faith.” As I listened, I thought about the imagery I associate most with various rights movements: the sight of people marching—marches for civil rights, the Earth’s climate, and against tyranny. Masses of people marching have galvanized public opinion and led to major social change throughout history. But marches don’t always need to occur in public squares.

As advocates for social justice, our job is twofold: to walk together and to walk toward injustice when others turn a blind eye. When the odds seem stacked against us, when the problems faced seem so enormous, we do not give up. We walk toward trouble in order to embrace, touch, and heal. That compassion for the innocent is what drives people like you and me to make a difference for animals.

The injustice animals endure demands that we maintain the faith to create positive change. Millions of innocent creatures still suffer in cruel and unnecessary experiments, some of our children are still forced to learn anatomy by animal dissection, and labs all over the world still have far to go toward prioritizing alternative research methods.

I hope you join me, as you joined Dr. Capaldo and her predecessors, in fighting to end injustice together. In that fight, our march toward progress for animals in labs, I will be standing there beside you, my arms locked with yours.


Nathan Herschler
Executive Director, NEAVS


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