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Shima’s Story: From Crush Cage to Home with a Hammock

Shima’s Story: From Crush Cage to Home with a Hammock

Dear Friend,

Shima desperately needed a hero. Thanks to help from our NEAVS supporters, this gentle moon bear, a former captive at a bile farm in Vietnam, received help from an army of compassionate heroes. No longer does Shima spend her days languishing inside a coffin-like “crush cage,” with a crude catheter painfully penetrating her gallbladder to extract her bile. Instead, she lives at a sanctuary, spends her days playing with other rescued moon bears, and has the freedom to relax in a hammock. 

Shima is safe—because of people like you—the many dedicated animal advocates who make up our wonderful NEAVS family.

NEAVS “adopted” Shima in 2011, through Animals Asia, an organization committed to ending the cruel bear bile industry. The generosity of our NEAVS supporters makes it possible to provide Shima with funding for lifetime care in sanctuary. In a sense, Shima has thousands of adoptive “parents” and it’s an honor to share that with you!

However, thousands more need advocates. Locked inside of research labs are beagles whose vocal chords are deliberately cut before they are forced to inhale nicotine; bunnies who are immobilized so researchers can drop caustic chemicals into their eyes; monkeys who are routinely infected with human diseases...the agonizing list goes on. 

Thinking about the thousands of animal vivisection victims can be overwhelming. But I take heart in knowing NEAVS has an army of animal advocates, like you, who are ready to activate their advocacy.

I hope the story of Shima, the gentle, hammock-loving moon bear, has moved and inspired you! All of us at NEAVS would be “over the moon” to have your support as we work toward ending the archaic practice of vivisection.

To help animals like Shima today, please click here to donate.

Thank you again,

Nathan Herschler
Executive Director, NEAVS