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Lead By Example: Be Kind to Animals Week 2018

While many of us say every week is Be Kind to Animals Week, its official launch in 1915, symbolized the need for people to unite around kindness and compassion – particularly towards animals.

Be Kind to Animals Week has been successful at raising awareness; however, the sad truth is animals in labs are often forgotten because they're behind closed doors and out of sight. This week, we ask you to share your compassion for these millions of animals who need it most. 

Here are 3 ways you can lead by example:

1) Watch then share "Empty Laws." 
This short film we created in partnership with We Animals highlights the impact of weak regulatory standards on primates in labs. 

2) Tell a friend about the Leaping Bunny Program! 
Sadly many companies still test on animals, so it is critical to support cruelty-free brands. 

3) Give a gift!
Giving to NEAVS helps animals from being used in research and testing. One animal in a lab is one too many! 

Together, we can ensure animals in labs are helped. Thank you for your support!