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NEAVS Celebrates World Animal Day 2014: How to Help

NEAVS Celebrates World Animal Day 2014: How to Help

In 1931, a convention of ecologists in Florence, Italy designated Oct. 4, as “World Animal Day” to bring attention to endangered animals. The tradition is an opportunity to consider our relationship with the rest of the animals we share the earth with.

The plight of animals used in science is often overlooked, as they are usually hidden from public view. Help NEAVS ensure we recognize the invisible animals on this special day!

To show your compassion, please share on social media one of countless scientific developments happening every day that demonstrate how a future without using animals in science is within reach (on Twitter, please use #WorldAnimalDay). You can keep up with the latest in non-animal alternatives on our webpage. Have you visited yet?

Recent breakthroughs:

  • Scientists create an artificial lung the size of a sugar cube to test cancer treatments!
  • The first ever stem-cell-grown skin samples could replace animal testing for drugs and cosmetics!
  • New airway “muscle-on-a-chip” mimics asthma and could pave the way for patient-specific asthma treatments!

Too often, detractors claim there are no other options and using animals is just a “necessary evil.” But news of more scientific alternatives inundates us every day – renewing our faith in what science can achieve without harming any more animals.

NEAVS is on the pulse each time there is a new development – strengthening our case against the use of animals in research. Humane science is superior science. Ethical research benefits animals and humans.

Animals who continue to suffer in labs are counting on all of us. Thank you.