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NEAVS Makes Lush Prize Short List

NEAVS Makes Lush Prize Short List

The Lush Prize for outstanding contributions to replacing animal testing has named the New England Anti-Vivisection Society (NEAVS) to its short list for its 2013 awards. All nominated projects have contributed to advancing animal-free testing through research, training, lobbying, or public awareness.

NEAVS was nominated in the public awareness category for our Project R&R: Release and Restitution for Chimpanzees in U.S. Laboratories campaign, which advocates for chimpanzees to be the first non-human animal protected from invasive research. Our strategy was based on both ethical and humane concerns and scientific arguments as to how limited, dangerous, and unnecessary chimpanzees are in research and testing for human health. This substantiated and successful scientific argument – even though they are our closest genetic relative – sets the stage for equally effective arguments to end the use of all animals in human-based research and testing.

Projects from 14 different countries made the final list, including nominations from India, Brazil, and New Zealand. A sampling of the short list includes:

  • Lydia Aschauer (Innsbruck Medical University, Austria) - For her research into the improvement of in-vitro models for testing toxicity effects on human kidneys.
  • The Ghosts in Our Machine (Canada) - For their cross-platform documentary illuminating the lives of individual animals living in and rescued from laboratories.
  • Tariq Mahmood (Pakistan) - For his work establishing experimental protocols for the testing of cosmetics directly on human skin.

“We are proud to be among the other short-listed nominees,” said NEAVS President Theodora Capaldo, EdD. “Given the company we are in, no matter who wins the award, NEAVS wins – because the animals win. Thank you Lush for recognizing our good work.”

Nearly $400,000 in prize money will be shared when the winners are announced Nov. 13.