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NEAVS to Present Animal Testing’s Environmental Harm at Cosmetics Summit

NEAVS to Present Animal Testing’s Environmental Harm at Cosmetics Summit

As a national leader in efforts to end the suffering and unnecessary deaths of animals in cosmetics and product testing, NEAVS has been invited back to present at the Cosmetic Compliance Summit in Edison, NJ, this April 27-29. Our focus is our innovative, first-of-its kind initiative: Animal Research is Hazardous Waste.

Join NEAVS President and featured participant, Theodora Capaldo, EdD, at the conference, which looks to be even more informative than last year’s inaugural event. Now is your final chance to save 20% on registration with the code CC_NEAVS3. Offer ends Friday, April 10.

NEAVS adds a voice for the animals to the Summit, showing how alternatives to animal testing are safer, more scientific, humane – and better for the environment! More than 100 million animals are bred, used, and disposed as hazardous waste in research and product testing. Though not often considered, animal testing is not only cruel and unnecessary, but also contributes to pollution affecting biodiversity and public health. Testing cosmetics on animals results in:

  • • Hazardous waste (feces, urine, other secretions)
  • • Contaminated bedding, bandages, syringes, and feed
  • • Millions of disposed animal carcasses
  • • Increased incinerator and landfill use
  • • Increased hazards to lab workers’ and our health

However, the use of more predictive non-animal research and testing methods helps reduce or completely eliminates much of this environmental harm. Read NEAVS' science paper “Review of Evidence of Environmental Impacts of Animal Research and Testing,” published in Environments. Combined, science, human and animal well-being, and environmental sustainability offer an undeniable argument for ending the use of animals in cosmetic and personal care product testing!

More info on the conference: The Cosmetic Compliance Summit focuses on how companies can comply with emerging personal care and cosmetics regulations that restrict or outright ban animal testing around the world. The carefully selected speakers are eager to share their organizations' best practices and first-hand knowledge of the steps they took to achieve compliance in the European Union, United States, and Latin America. .

Registration Information: Register online at, email, or call 1-800-885-8684. Reduced rate hotel rooms are available for $139. Mention you are part of the “IQPC – Cosmetic Compliance” group and book by Sunday, April 5. Make sure to check out the Cosmetic Compliance Resource Center for infographics, interviews, and presentations, as well as the Cosmetic Compliance USA LinkedIn Group.