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NEAVS Webinar: Global Roadmap to Ending the Use of Animals in Cosmetics Testing (VIDEO)

NEAVS hosted a webinar on Thursday, 5/12/2016 at 12:00 p.m. EDT where Theodora Capaldo, CEO of NEAVS talked with special guest Michelle Thew, CEO of Cruelty Free International, about ending the use of animals in cosmetics testing around the world.

Michelle and Dr. Capaldo reviewed the global state of the cruelty-free cosmetics campaign and the major role Cruelty Free International played in the effort to ban cosmetics testing in the European Union. They also discussed the evolution of the worldwide ban on cosmetics testing with a highlight on the Humane Cosmetics Act (H.R. 2858) -- reintroduced into U.S. Congress in June 2015.

The conversation then opened up for a Q&A from the audience. Michelle and Dr. Capaldo shared how you can help promote passage of the HCA and the impact its passage into law will have on the lives of millions of animals. Theys also shared simple steps to go cruelty-free and how to encourage friends and family to do the same! For more information about a cruelty-free lifesyle, click here