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Winter 2013 newsletter

Winter 2013 newsletter

President's Message:

For the Northern Hemisphere, this year’s autumnal equinox came Sept. 22. The harvest moon rose the 19th, followed by a procession of moonlit nights.

Harvest, when we reap what we sow, begins introspective time. We review our labors, the elements that enriched or hampered growth. NEAVS’ cycle is not unlike Nature’s who rewards thoughtful preparation, the right environment, and hard work.

Born of those three elements, I hope you share our enthusiasm for our new campaigns launched this fall. “Common Ground” blends three social issues into one goal. Our concern about animals in research does not exist in a vacuum. It springs from consciousness that injustice must be fought on every front if compassion is to rule might.

We shudder at the treatment of women in corners where male dominance defines their lives. Where, after their rape, girls are twice victimized by a system that punishes them – not him. We blanch at the thought of honey bees disappearing and with them our beautiful and sustaining fruits and flowers. We are sickened at the sight of stagnant water where once a clear stream flowed.

Our commitment to animals welcomes those who work for other social justices. And we, in animal protection, must embrace the plight of every oppressed group and Mother Earth herself.

We are proud to launch campaigns that share boundaries with other advocacy, where united action benefits all. We’ll harvest rewards, long overdue, from such a far reaching approach. And, awaiting change, we recognize there is no small change when it comes to cleansing the fabric of cruel misdeeds. This UPDATE tells about our environmental and women’s campaigns to help animals. And, it gives examples of new scientific thinking and methods … those step-at-a-time accomplishments that will get us where we need to go.

So, harvest moon, light the souls of those oft times overwhelmed by cruelties and injustices. Help us continue the good fight until no one suffers at the hand of oppression. To a clean earth, the strength of the feminine, and animals, NEAVS pledges.

Thank you for being a part of this. Please, enjoy the season … especially in New England, where nature is in her glory!

Theodora Capaldo, EdD

To read the full newsletter, you can download Winter 2013 UPDATE here.