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New Hampshire Supports Students’ Rights to Dissection Alternatives

New Hampshire Supports Students’ Rights to Dissection Alternatives

NEAVS is happy to announce that last week the New Hampshire Board of Education approved a policy (endorsed by NEAVS) supporting the right of all K-12 students to choose alternatives to traditional animal dissection without being penalized. New Hampshire was the only state left in New England to make this compassionate change and the new policy makes New England 100% Dissection Choice – our goal!

NEAVS has worked diligently with New Hampshire school boards and teachers, educating about why students deserve a right to cruelty-free education and offering proof they learn as well or better with alternatives that do not involve a once living and breathing animal. We are identified in the new policy as an expert source for teachers and students to turn to.

The policy stresses schools should make equal or better non-animal alternatives like computer simulations available to any student who does not want to dissect frogs, cats, or any other animal. New Hampshire’s Board of Education cannot mandate individual school policies by law, but can issue recommended sample policies like this for schools to adopt.

With New England 100% Dissection Choice, there are now 17 states plus Washington, D.C. that protect a student's right to choose a cruelty-free education. NEAVS continues to provide resources for dissection alternatives throughout the U.S. and only four states on the east coast remain without an official policy or law. If yours is one of them, contact us to learn how you can help. We have a free loan library of alternatives and our website has adoptable strategies as well as brochures and posters for your use.

Students’ values and kindness are being respected. Stay with us as we continue to campaign for compassionate alternatives at all levels of science education from high school classrooms, to medical and veterinary education labs. And please don’t forget every donation to NEAVS that you make helps keep our resources available and our advocacy effective and successful!