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Staff Spotlight: Nathan Herschler

Staff Spotlight: Nathan Herschler

Happy New Year!

Last September (Fall 2017)  NEAVS welcomed Nathan Herschler as our new Executive Director. Nathan has now been at NEAVS for six months and we thought it’d be the perfect opportunity to start our “Staff Spotlight” series with his story. 

In lieu of 20 questions, we kept it short and simple. Want to know the five prompts we sent and how he responded? Read on!

1. Tell us a little about yourself. (Yes, anything!) 

I went to law school down in Washington D.C. and was lucky enough to learn from animal advocacy attorneys working with some of the most interesting and influential animal protection groups in the world.  The last of those clerkships was with the International Fund for Animal Welfare, where I ended up working for the first 10 years of my career.

I’m a learner by nature. I love embracing new challenges, downloading and synthesizing information from the best and brightest in the field, and applying that knowledge to my work.  As long as I’m learning new things and being challenged, I’m a happy guy. I also love being around passionate, dedicated people. I’m a sucker for deep conversations about really anything… and if you talk to me about animal protection, sports, or politics, you may corner me for hours!

I have an amazing support system in my family. My wife is a brilliant and successful dentist on Cape Cod where we live, and my two children are the best kids ever in the history of the entire world. Okay, okay... I know I’m biased. Reading to the kids, working in our garden together, watching them play, and going to the beach are just a few of the things we do as a family that bring me joy.

2. Tell us about your passion for animals.  (e.g. When/how did it start? Favorite animals/do you have any companion animals?)

I’m a lifelong animal lover (my first word was “cow”) and am so lucky that I got some really great guidance from my family, friends, and counselors during my teen and young adult years that gave me the knowledge and confidence I needed to turn that passion for animals into a career. 

My family does have two canine companion animals. One of our pups is a one-eyed, 13-year-old rescue spaniel named Matzie.  He came to us through Washington Animal Rescue League down in D.C where my wife and I lived for almost 10 years after college.  Our other pup, Ducky, is another spaniel we rescued this past year from St. John island after Hurricanes Irma and Maria thanks to the great work of Last Hope K9 Rescue. She’s a Caribbean pup, but is doing a great job getting used to New England winters and living with two young kids.

3. What are you most excited about as the new Executive Director of NEAVS?

I’m thrilled to steward and build on the amazing success NEAVS has had over its more than 120 years of advocacy and research, to work with so many dedicated and passionate staff, board members, and supporters, and continue learning and growing as a person and as a leader. 

I’m so honored that the NEAVS Board of Directors has put their faith in me and the NEAVS team to work toward ending the suffering of millions of animals subjected to cruel and unnecessary research.  I’m also so excited to explore all the best veg-friendly restaurants here in Boston!  

4. Describe yourself in three words.

Curious. Compassionate. Empowering.

5. Is there anything else we should know about you? Fun facts?

I won’t go into the ocean on Cape Cod beyond my knees because I’m irrationally afraid of getting eaten by a Great White Shark.  I don’t eat animals and I’d prefer that they don’t eat me.

Connect with Nathan by following him on Twitter (@nherschler). You can also email him at