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Take the Physicians’ Pledge to offer humane drug alternatives

Posted: March 18, 2014 By: Nate
Take the Physicians’ Pledge to offer humane drug alternatives

Update: This petition is now closed.

Physicians have the authority, responsibility, and ability to help patients make informed decisions regarding medications. People view their physician as the most influential factor in seeking health information.1 And when it comes to hormone replacement therapy (HRT), many options are available.

Many HRTs like Premarin, Duavee, Prempro, and Premphase are made from the urine of pregnant horses. In order to harvest pregnant mare urine (PMU), mares are forced to become breeding machines, housed in tiny stalls with limited water access and attached to urine collection bags which cause painful chafing. Typically their colts are sent to slaughter, while female foals go on to replace their “spent” mothers.

Their suffering and deaths are completely unnecessary because plant-based and synthetic HRTs are readily available, with comparable benefits and risks. These include, but are not limited to, Estrace, Estratab, Climara, Cenestin, and Ortho-Est.

If you are a compassionate, practicing medical doctor, please consider signing our pledge to discuss with your patients the difference between PMU and plant-based or synthetic HRTs before prescribing. Please pass this pledge on to your colleagues in solidarity of working toward more humane choices in medicine.

As a licensed, practicing physician, I hereby pledge to inform my patients about the availability of plant-based or synthetic hormone replacement therapy (HRT) medications in addition to or in lieu of HRTs derived from pregnant mare urine (PMU).

I agree to discuss with my patients the difference between non-animal and PMU prescriptions, as well as their comparable risks and benefits. I believe women have a right to know what they are consuming, and to make an informed decision based on full disclosure of the source of ingredients.

Due to their inherently inhumane nature and the availability of comparable alternatives, I also agree to notify my patients if or when I choose to no longer prescribe PMU drugs, and why.

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