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Winter 2008 newsletter

Winter 2008 newsletter

President's Message: 

The holidays are a time to wish for and believe in miracles. Yet when it comes to work to getting animals out of laboratories, I know there are no miracle solutions: just hard work and strategic, effective campaigns that, over time, yield results – the miracles we are waiting for.

Every day we hear animal researchers touting research breakthroughs, yet how often do these “breakthroughs” lead to the promised cures? Time and again, the results of animal research turn out to be inaccurate, misleading, or even dangerous for humans.

NEAVS is breaking through the false promises of animal researchers – the unsubstantiated promises that the endless sacrifice of millions of animals each year will lead to miracle cures. Through a body of scientific papers (see NEAVS’ Fall and Summer 2008 newsletters), NEAVS is demonstrating that the use of even our closest genetic relatives – chimpanzees – is not only cruel, but also a waste of taxpayer dollars and precious time. The facts demand that unreliable animal methods be replaced with alternatives that will provide the long-awaited cures.

The rigorous research and analysis we do – along with everything else! – is an example of what makes NEAVS effective and unique. NEAVS doesn’t wait for answers to fall from the sky … or for someone else to lead the charge. Instead, we roll up our sleeves and do the hard work that is the only thing that will ever lead to the miracles we all seek – better health for humans and a more compassionate world for all species.

As you look to the holidays, please remember that miracles are ours to make … and that they look quite ordinary, really. They look like those simple everyday actions we take to think not only about ourselves, our family and friends, but others, and other species as well. If money is claimed to be “the root of all evil,” then perhaps compassionate hard work can be said to be the root of all miracles.

On behalf of the animals we serve…thank you for caring this holiday season and always.

Theodora Capaldo, EdD

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