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Winter 2010 newsletter

Winter 2010 newsletter

President's Message:

At year end, this issue offers you a map of legislative support for the Great Ape Protection Act—recendentsetting legislation. Seeing how far we’ve come can show us where we need to go.

In 2000, the Chimpanzee Health Improvement, Maintenance, and Protection Act passed with 144 House and 25 Senate sponsors. By year end 2010, GAPA had 157 House and 5 Senate sponsors. Still, recent elections could reduce the House total by 28.

If these losses are in your state, help us get the support of your newly elected legislators. If your state shows no support, rally for it or secure your Legislators promises to not oppose the bill. In states with sponsors signed on, thank them again to foster their continued support. And encourage those not signed on to join their colleagues in supporting GAPA. Finally, we all need to get our Senators behind the bill’s recent Senate version.

Americans live in a bipartisan world and yearn for legislators to work together. Compassion is common ground on which we can all meet.Republicans and Democrats alike want a humane world. GAPA needs and deserves strong bipartisan support. You are the key to making this happen.

As the holidays approach, let your gift to animals and to all people of our nation be the gift of compassion. Contact your legislators—thank them or ask them to take a stand for a kinder nation by helping pass the Great Ape Protection Act.

My thanks and best wishes for holiday comfort and joy to you, yours, and all beings.



Theodora Capaldo, EdD

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