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Winter 2012 newsletter

Winter 2012 newsletter

President's Message:

We are just coming out of the full impact of Hurricane Sandy. Fortunately, with the exception of more than usual scattered leaves and fallen branches, in Boston we are safe. The staff reported their animal friends stuck by their sides throughout the howling wind, pelting rain, and terrifying noises of this major storm. Even my fiercely independent Kibou did not leave my side once. Nature’s power is asserted…and it was both magnificent and humbling. I am amazed by footage of those visiting the nearby shores just to watch the violent sea. We must still kneel to nature even as we surround ourselves with all that is man-made. Our thoughts are with those—both humans and animals—whose lives were changed by the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. 

Once the worst threat was past, we worked on this newsletter, determined to get it out on schedule despite weather-related delays. We wanted to make certain that our supporters got “updates” on our work. While some of it you have been apprised of before, you will be happy to hear the progress each effort is making. I am particularly excited about the potential for our autopsy study (page 5) to make a mark on all corners of work on behalf of chimpanzees. Not only does it bolster our core arguments as to why chimpanzees should and must be retired right now, but it adds urgency to efforts to halt a recent decision by NIH (cover story) to transfer some 100 chimpanzees from one lab to another. This newsletter also fills you in on our policy paper on psychological well-being being recently translated into Spanish (page 7)—with implications this can have for efforts to establish rights for chimpanzees.

You frequently let us know how pleased you are that our UPDATES are filled with information specifically about what NEAVS is doing—showing you what your support helps us accomplish. While we bring you other news as well, our problem is usually editing down all we have to fit a reasonably sized newsletter. (Which reminds me: if you are not signed up for our email list, please do so by clicking here). In closing, we wish all those affected by the storm a speedy return to your lives. To those helping to make that happen, our heartfelt appreciation. And to all our supporters, we wish you the best as fall continues to fade Nature’s colors to welcome a winter that hopefully holds none of her fury.

Theodora Capaldo, EdD

To read the full newsletter, you can download Winter 2012 UPDATE here.