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Winter 2016 newsletter

Winter 2016 newsletter

Dear friend,

In this season of light, of giving and celebrating, I like to stop to count my blessings. It is so easy to lose sight of what has been accomplished in the midst of knowing just how much remains to be done.

Yet, when building anything, we move our progress on the firm stones already set, the timbers secured. So, in this issue, I asked our staff to focus on what has been accomplished this year for animals in labs and animals everywhere.

The good news is, it cannot be done in an eight-page newsletter—the successes too vast to collapse in such limited space. Instead, we will bring you on a thumbnail trip of what we consider some of the important accomplishments this year.

For much of the work, NEAVS was directly involved. Others were accomplished by some of our esteemed colleagues or by someone we don’t even know. But it has all been done by individuals and groups who do real work. In today’s world of media and Internet bombardment, it’s easy to be impressed with rhetoric, a handsome face, or a strong PR department. But what I, personally, and we, as an organization, look for is what we have come to term real work.

The real efforts and successes of those who do good work must be celebrated, and allowed to stand out from the pack. In an UPDATE a while back, NEAVS celebrated women who founded successful organizations and sanctuaries. In this issue, we throw our net wider.

Too often, the genuine successes of the little guys goes unnoticed, or worse, are hijacked by large organizations that spend significant portions of their budgets on PR. Groups skilled at language that suggests it was them, without mention of who actually was key to the victory.

So, in this issue, NEAVS salutes some of those individuals, those organizations who roll up their sleeves, and get down and dirty. Those who don’t let politics, from outside the movement or within, get in the way of their work. For them, it is always just about one thing: the animals. They are the ones who march with integrity. Passion. Perseverance.

Please, when you celebrate with your family and friends this year, hold this UPDATE close to your heart. And be thankful for all of us who DO!

For the animals,

Theodora Capaldo, EdD

To read the full newsletter, you can download Winter 2016 UPDATE here.