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Winter 2017 newsletter

Winter 2017 newsletter

Dear friend,

We’re approaching the end of our 122nd year opposing the use of animals in research and testing, and here at NEAVS we’re reflecting on the work we’ve accomplished this past year, and looking ahead at all the wonderful things we’ll accomplish for animals next year and beyond.

Steve Jobs once described the creative freedom he achieved through his success. He said, “the heaviness of being successful was replaced by the lightness of being a beginner again, less sure about everything.” That experience freed him “to enter one of the most creative periods of [his] life.”

We have seen so much progress in our fight to end animals suffering and dying in labs. 

Our education advocacy strategies have worked, and there are either policies or laws on the books in many states across the U.S. allowing students to opt out of animal dissection. Our efforts to get cosmetics companies to go cruelty free have worked—we now have over 1,000 different companies signed up to the Leaping Bunny program, and we have a U.S. Federal bill introduced that would phase out all animal testing for cosmetics. Our efforts to end research and testing on chimpanzees worked, and now those still held in labs are working their way to the safety of sanctuary. And alternative testing methods, such as organs-on-chips, continue to be created and validated by humane scientists at remarkable speed.  

But challenges remain, and we’ll be implementing many new, creative strategies starting in 2018 to address these challenges. By the end of next year, I will be writing to you about how we’ve: 

  • Aggressively supported new alternative technologies to replace animal testing in biomedical research
  • Brought the suffering of animals in research into the national conversation
  • Moved closer to finally ending the use of animals in cosmetics testing in the U.S.
  • Encouraged students and teachers to create a culture where opting out of animal testing for more humane and better non-animal alternatives is the norm
  • ...and so much more

At NEAVS we’re working to put ourselves out of a job. To do that we’re building off our successes by becoming beginners again, freeing ourselves from what we’ve always done, and developing new approaches to ending these long-standing problems. We’re aiming to unleash a creative renaissance delivering new messages to the public and new programs on behalf of animals imprisoned in labs. 

I’m so excited you’re here with us, offering your generous support to NEAVS’ critical mission for the animals.

Thank you and Happy New Year!

Nathan Herschler
Executive Director, NEAVS

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