Unforgotten: Animals Rescued from Research

Unforgotten: Animals Rescued from Research from Kelly Guerin on Vimeo.

In 2014, NEAVS provided a grant to renowned animal photographer, Jo-Anne McArthur, to photograph animals at sanctuaries and from organizations NEAVS has funded to help rescue and care for animals from research.

We are excited to share one of the many results from NEAVS’ collaboration with Jo, which was created by videographer, Kelly Guerin with voice-over by NEAVS’ CEO, Dr. Capaldo. Our aim with projects like this flows naturally with that of Jo and Kelly’s: to inspire a more compassionate world.

Photographs by Jo-Anne McArthur/ We Animals
Narration by Dr. Theodora Capaldo/ NEAVS Chief Executive Officer 
Editing by Kelly Guerin
Soundtrack by Dave Greening