Annual Report 2014

NEAVS 2014 Annual Report coverPresident’s Message:
The Highest Law in the Land

“Compassion is a necessity, not a luxury.
Without it, humanity cannot survive.”
-Dalai Lama

As I reflect on all we accomplished in 2014 – the changes we created and set in motion, and the care and safety we offered rescued animals – the new year overwhelmed Boston with snow. But this paled in comparison to a major media outlet’s report of a newly exposed area of animal abuse. The accounts caused us to double in pain and sorrow from the rage that comes when one bears witness to unspeakable cruelty. But they brought to light animal research hidden and too horrific to think possible – in meat production – funded by our tax dollars.

This horror reminded me that while some believe change is only possible through legislation, genuine protections for animals can only happen when the law of human decency is entrenched in our social and personal fabric – as it is at NEAVS. Instead, the law of human decency has been weakened by greed and adrenaline-driven aggression. Unless each one of us commits to empathy, compassion, and reverence for all – humans, animals, trees, mountains, oceans – the slippery slope we are on could continue on an accelerated decline.

We must hold legislators and government agencies accountable to this ultimate law. We must never accept the excuse for inactivity or lack of leadership, “it is not in the law.” We must remember there is a higher ethic than man-made laws. That there is a better way than blindly following the profit-driven language of most laws, put in place by lobbyists for the financial interest of industries benefiting from animal use and abuse. If everyone was committed to the law of human decency, change would come in a swift wave – not laboriously through painfully slow incremental steps.

In 2015, I am committed to a ‘no more nonsense’ attitude. I am committed to continuing to challenge motivations and decisions that harm the animals we serve. I am at that point in my life – an age-anointed right – where the convictions of my youth, and lessons and wisdom of my maturing years, can be stood upon without apology.

This is my promise to you. We will continue our work by every means society allows. We will do so without ever backing off or being thwarted by those who try to block the caring path we pave. Stay with us…in so many ways, our battle has just begun.

For the animals,

Theodora Capaldo, EdD

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