A Beating Heart Cell

Watch cardiac tissue show strong beating behavior. Footage courtesy of the Khademhosseini Laboratory in Cambridge, MA, where groundbreaking research and development of tissue engineering occurs through utilization of 3D printing techniques to create bone-like and cardiovascular-like tissues. The main goals for tissue engineering include replacement and regeneration of damaged tissues, and creating tissue-like models for disease research.

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What are Human Cell Cultures?

In the lab, researchers are able to culture cells or tissues obtained from human volunteers, surgical operations, biopsies, and post-mortem specimens and use them for in vitro studies. Scientists have even been able to grow 3D structures, such as miniature human organs. Human cell cultures are just ONE example of alternatives. 

Humane, Human-Based Science

Instead of wasting dollars, precious time, and experimenting on sentient and intelligent beings, we can and should turn to humane, human-based science that is more promising, effective, and reliable. At NEAVS, we believe the future of alternatives is now.