Animal Experimentation: Harvest of Shame

October 26, 1996 Moneim A. Fadali, MD; Hidden Springs Press, 1996
From the Author

The practice of medicine is an old and honorable profession, one to which I am proud to belong. Unfortunately, however, in some respects I would contend that medicine western medicine has gone astray. For example, the first principle of the Hippocratic oath we physicians take is, "Primum non nocera" (First, do no harm). In this book, Animal Experimentation: A Harvest of Shame, I will make the case that the current scientific emphasis on the vivisection of animals-inducing injury and disease in previously healthy animals-has not only done tremendous harm to the animals, it has worked to the detriment of patients as well.

The thesis of this book will no doubt come as a shock to many. I would only ask that the reader maintain an open mind, looking at the evidence he/she will find here. I would also ask the reader to keep an open heart, that is, to never lose sight of the fact that the humane treatment of all living beings is an ethical responsibility which must not be ignored in pursuit of so-called "progress." Earning a medical degree and donning the white coat of the doctor does not thereby provide physicians with the privilege to disregard moral behavior. Indeed, I would contend that the opposite is true, that medical doctors have a particularly compelling obligation to act with kindness and respect toward all.

Over the years, I have discovered that among physicians I am far from alone in these beliefs, as expressed and supported in this book. Nevertheless, medical doctors are usually reluctant to publicly express their feelings because to do so invites reprisals and recriminations from professional medical organizations and even from some of our peers. I cannot concern myself with this risk. I have a higher duty. To be true to itself and to those whom it serves, I maintain that medicine must never cause diseases in the name of curing them, nor inflict injuries in the name of healing them. To do so constitutes bad science, bad medicine and inhumane conduct.

I hope this book will not only inform you, I hope it will help you to make wiser and healthier choices in your life.

—Moneim Fadali, M.D.