Animals as Teachers and Healers

October 26, 1997 Susan Chernak McElroy; Ballantine Books, 1997
Amazon Description

Susan Chernak McElroy credits her astounding triumph over cancer to the love of the animals in her life. In Animals as Teachers & Healers she shares her remarkable story along with true stories from others who have been touched by the loving energies of animals. A woman escapes an abusive relationship by observing how her boyfriend treated her two Arabian horses…a German shepherd cocoons its body around a toddler during a house fire…a coyote gives a couple wisdom about their rebellious daughter . . . a little three-legged frog imparts a valuable lesson to a frightened nine-year-old girl. Unique and compelling, Animals as Teachers & Healers invites us to reconnect with the boundless gifts of joy, wisdom, and deep healing that flow from our ageless and intimate relationship with the animal kingdom.