Annual Report 2011

President’s Annual Message

You Can Count on NEAVS

Another year of hard work brought major reward, accomplishing things like a precedent-setting decision regarding the lack of necessity for chimpanzees in biomedical research by the National Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Medicine (IOM) and the National Institutes of Health’s commitment to accepting the IOM guidelines. The stage is better set for our future work. NEAVS spearheaded a campaign seven years ago that is manifesting the accomplishments that we envisioned. While the road has been long and there is still more to do, I hope that you, our supporter, appreciate the perseverance, follow-through, and strategic choices that together are NEAVS’ signature.

When I, our staff, and the NEAVS Board of Directors made commitments to helping animals, our individual and collective character compelled us to do “real” work. NEAVS will never try to dazzle you with continual new focus. We will never act as if we are all things to all issues. Our integrity and work ethic will not allow us to do so. It would be easy to engage in one fundraising appeal after another, or just spend all of our time getting on the bandwagon of other groups’ efforts. But while we join other campaigns, we will always be an initiator of strategic work and a player who brings substance to that work. You can count on us for that.

You can also count on how surprised people are when they hear about our size. Modest in comparison to many animal protection organizations does not leave us less effective, committed or “a force to be reckoned with” by our opponents. With NEAVS you know intimately what we are doing and that we do so via the most effective routes to dismantling the vivisection industry. With our long history, you know we will be here until the job is done. Our singular focus, insatiable drive, and intelligent work will continue to play a key role in national and international efforts to help animals in labs by ending their use and replacing them with alternatives that lead to the preventions, treatments and cures that we are all waiting for.

I am honored to serve the animals and our 117-year-old organization. I hope you are proud of all you have read in our UPDATES, eNews, websites and eAlerts…briefly summarized in this 2011 Annual Report. Please never forget that it is the confidence, trust, and support of our members that make all this happen. Thank you all so very much for another good year for the animals!

Theodora Capaldo, EdD
NEAVS President

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