Annual Report 2015

Annual Report 2015

President's Message: Sometimes it really is all about YOU…

“Donors do not give to organizations because organizations have needs; they give because organizations meet needs.” —Kay Sprinkel Grace

Almost everywhere, you see people of all ages joyfully taking selfies- that modern creation that turns the camera lens squarely on you. So, forgive me if I do that too…that is, turn my focus to YOU.

While it’s important as CEO that I ensure NEAVS’ Annual Report conveys a concise summary of our year’s work as well as our finances and changes, it’s equally important that you know I, and everyone at NEAVS, never lose sight of who makes our amazing animal protection work possible.

The following pages remain critical to sustaining your support and confidence. We are taking our goal - to highlight some of our faithful and generous donors - to heart. As we have done in UPDATEs over the past year, our 2015 Annual Report highlights supporters who share “why NEAVS”.  Through honoring them, we honor each of you.

During the hard times, when facts, legal arguments, common sense, and the best of humanity and compassion should prevail but instead we see the powers that be blocking doors, we rely on the strength we get from our supporters to go back again and again until we succeed. When we see how much harder we have to work to reach our goals, we need our “village” - including you - to provide us the moral support to fuel fortitude.

In 2015, our supporter base continued to grow, lapsed donors returned, and the tried and faithful stayed with us in their decades’ long support.

As 2015 closed, 2016 opens new doors through which I see two things: the beautiful faces of the animals we work so hard to help and the beauty of our loyal supporters who make our work possible.

There. Simple. Our two crucial sources of strength, fortitude, light and inspiration.

Thank you for making 2015 another year of progress for the animals, for looking forward to 2016, and for knowing exactly what, where and how we will make our next strides on their behalf. 

For the animals,


Theodora Capaldo, EdD

NEAVS President and CEO

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