FAQs About the Use of Animals in Science

October 17, 2009 C. Ray Greek, MD, Niall Shanks; University Press of America, 2009
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FAQs About the Use of Animals in Science: A handbook for the scientifically perplexed offers readers that are not extensively educated in science a balanced critique of the practice of using animals in scientific research. This book is about the scientific questions and issues surrounding the use of animals in general areas of science, rather than focusing on the much-discussed ethical issues. Greek and Shanks explain the scientific merits of using animals in specific areas and criticize the use of animals in areas of science where animal models simply cannot achieve the researcher's goal. Though this topic can appear daunting, Greek and Shanks have explained the concepts in easy-to-understand prose, avoiding jargon to make the discussion accessible to those that are not members of the scientific community.