From Guinea Pig to Computer Mouse:: Alternative Methods for a Humane Education, 2nd Edition

October 17, 2002 Nick Jukes, Mihnea Chiuia; Interniche with NEAVS support, 2002

Published by the International Network for Humane Education (InterNICHE) with the support of NEAVS/ESEC and other organizations, From Guinea Pig to Computer Mouse is an invaluable resource for college, medical, and veterinary students and instructors interested in utilizing the hundreds of humane alternatives to animal use in the classroom.

Alternatives analyzed in From Guinea Pig to Computer Mouse include tools such as multimedia computer simulation, training mannequins and simulators, and humane approaches such as clinical work with animal patients, and ethically sourced animal cadavers. The book features types of alternatives, assessment, and curricular design. Teachers developing and implementing alternatives in their classes wrote up reports for the "Case Study" section. An "Alternative File" section details over 500 of the latest products. Lastly, the "Further Resources" section lists over 800 websites, publications, organizations and other resources.