Non-Animal Techniques in Biomedical and Behavioral Research and Testing

October 26, 1993 Michael B. Kapis, Shayne C. Gad; CRC, 1993
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Non-Animal Techniques in Biomedical and Behavioral Research and Testing features the contributions of noted experts describing the application of non-animal methods in a wide variety of research and testing situations, including computer modeling/graphics, protein sequence analysis, behavioral analysis, drug design/testing, cosmetic and household products testing, toxicological testing, clinical testing, chemical identification and analysis, and disease investigations.

Many of the alternatives covered have applications in behavioral as well as biomedical research and testing. Topics examined include in vitro techniques, molecular genetics, structure-activity relationships, physicochemical methods, computer-assisted drug designs, nutrition, epidemiology, autopsies, neural networks, ethology, image scanning devices, and medical microbiology.

Future applications for non-animal methods are also explored. The book will appeal to toxicologists, pharmacologists, cosmetic and household product researchers, epidemiologists, medical microbiologists, biopsychiatrists, biomedical and psychological educators, biochemists, molecular geneticists, and other scientists interested in alternative testing methods.